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Strangeness with speed

From: Владимир Калачихин
Subject: Strangeness with speed
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2022 17:51:47 +0300
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Hi all and Gary. I have an underground knock.

I have the NMEA file (included).
I created this file on my app by filtering RMC and GGA sentences and changing the time.

I play this file in gpsfeed, and gpsd understands him perfectly. As result, gpsd return the following:

The same result is if I play this file in my app without any changes in data.

But if I during playback changed the time in sentences to now - gpsd returns two differents TPV:


one of these has speed == 0

Why is it that?
Is it the time value something special for gpsg?
Why speed == 0 instead null?

Владимир Калачихин

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