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Re: [ft] Oversized "O"

From: Hanno Mueller
Subject: Re: [ft] Oversized "O"
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 18:12:42 +0200
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Anton Zemlyanov schrieb:
> You should probably know that TT fonts have special "fitting" or
> "hinting" process that uses byte interpreter to improve the quality of
> small fonts. Unfortunately this works good for monochrome fonts only 

By email, you requested a screenshot from a Windows system and as I
already wrote you there, it seems to me that Windows is not using
monochrome rendering as you guessed, but  subpixel aliasing for this
font size, as well:



> (MS seems to never use anti-aliasing for small font sizes).

So far, I was under the impression that the "Core Fonts" once freely
distributed by MS were optimized for screen reading incl. good aliasing
for small font sizes.

> I found that anti-aliasing is not very beautiful for small font sizes

True, aliased fonts do look a bit "off" in Windows. Freetype's
subpixel-aliasing is looking much better to me than the one used by Windows.

But my main gripe is the hardware resolution. I wish there were
higher-resolution desktop TFT displays than the standard 1280x1024
displays one can buy these days. Some laptops already use 1600x1200
displays and there, subpixel-aliasing looks really nice. The higher the
dpi resolution of the TFT, the more impressive the effect.

Best regards,


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