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Re: [ft] Oversized "O"

From: Hanno Mueller
Subject: Re: [ft] Oversized "O"
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:11:55 +0200
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Anton Zemlyanov schrieb:
> You should probably know that TT fonts have special "fitting" or
> "hinting" process that uses byte interpreter to improve the quality of
> small fonts. Unfortunately this works good for monochrome fonts only (MS
> seems to never use anti-aliasing for small font sizes). I found that
> anti-aliasing is not very beautiful for small font sizes (and on the
> contrary is desirable for large sizes). I have no idea how to switch off
> anti-aliasing in your environment but it certainly should help.

Yes, but... Windows, the anti-alias looks fine with the same font at similar
sizes. So MS Windows seems to use the hinting information differently.

Do I understand you correct that MS Windows uses a different, possibly
slightly non-standard-conforming hinting algorithm which looks fine with
MS fonts that also have slightly non-standard-conforming hinting
information? MS fonts are adapted to MS' anti-alias, but both are not
really standard-compliant?

Best regards,


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