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RE: [ft] Oversized "O"

From: Anton Zemlyanov
Subject: RE: [ft] Oversized "O"
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 19:05:08 +0400


You should probably know that TT fonts have special "fitting" or
"hinting" process that uses byte interpreter to improve the quality of
small fonts. Unfortunately this works good for monochrome fonts only (MS
seems to never use anti-aliasing for small font sizes). I found that
anti-aliasing is not very beautiful for small font sizes (and on the
contrary is desirable for large sizes). I have no idea how to switch off
anti-aliasing in your environment but it certainly should help.


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Subject: [ft] Oversized "O"


I'm using the xorg x-servers on Ubuntu, but I have seen similar problems
with Debian, so I think this isn't something distribution-specific, but
rather something I should ask here.

When using Microsoft's "Core Fonts" with TFT RGB subpixel-rendering, I
often get oversized "O"s - their height is bigger than the other
characters in the same line. Here are some examples:

(These are headlines from, a German news site, rendered with
Firefox. If I understand the CSS correctly, this is the Verdana Truetype

And here is a zoomed version that explains the problem:

I am really irritated by this, as these oversized "O"s really stand out
from the rest of the page's text.

Anything I can do about it?

Best regards,


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