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[ft] Simple CL Tool

From: Shug Boabby
Subject: [ft] Simple CL Tool
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 17:58:34 +0100

hi everyone,

does anyone know of a commandline tool (or simple function call in any popular language) which would render a string into a pretty (cropped, transparent background) PNG file, using a specified anti-aliased font and size? usage such as
  texttopng --font "Times" --size "16" "Hello World!" --output hello.png
would be perfect!

surely someone has created such a program in the past for testing purposes using the FT2 libraries. it would be perfect for asking people to submit buggy renderings instead of having to rely on screenshots which go through so many levels of window handling. you'd quickly see if it's the library install or the implementation which is buggy. it'd also be damn good example code for anyone starting a project using FT2.

from the FT2 website, i discovered GD but i am finding it hard to understand how the CL tool works (it seems to only take input from horribly complicated .gd files). additionally, i know The GIMP can use FT2 to render text, but the scripting abilites have always been beyond me. even a pointer to some good docs on how to use GD/The GIMP for this sort of thing would be useful!


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