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[Freetype] How do I render italic or bold if no file

From: Riccardo Cohen
Subject: [Freetype] How do I render italic or bold if no file
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 23:59:02 +0100

Any idea ?? I re-send my question :

There is something I do not understand about ttf files.
On my PC (WinNT). When I look in c:\winnt\fonts, I find only one file called 
"chevara" for instance (chvr____.ttf), which is regular (normal). I cannot find 
any chevara bold or italic.

But when I open MSWord, or any standard Windows font panel, I can use chevara 
bold, italic and bold-italic. Where did it find it ???

I tried to use the index in FT_New_Face but it did not render italic or bold... 
How do they do that miracle ???

Is it at render time, or is there any way to extract them from the ttf file ?


Riccardo Cohen

Les Roches
37230 Fondettes
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tel: +33 02 47 49 90 49
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