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[Freetype] How do I render italic or bold if no file

From: Riccardo Cohen
Subject: [Freetype] How do I render italic or bold if no file
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 22:23:17 +0100

There is something strange on my PC (WinNT). When I scan c:\winnt\fonts, I find 
only one file called "chevara" for instance, which is regular (normal).

But when I open MSWord, or any standard Windows font panel, I find bold, italic 
or bold-italic.

I tried to use the index in FT_New_Face but it did not render italic or bold... 
How do they do that miracle ???

Is it at render time, or is there any way to extract them from a file ?


Riccardo Cohen

Les Roches
37230 Fondettes
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web =
tel: +33 02 47 49 90 49
fax: +33 02 47 49 91 49

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