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Re: [Freetype] Rendering Fonts to Bitmap

From: Peter Montgomery
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Rendering Fonts to Bitmap
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 14:42:59 -0700


> I'm really begging for help, i tried everything i could but nope :| I
> the following code
>  i.bmiHeader.biBitCount  = 1;

You can't set a monochrome bitmap to any color.  Set your biBitCount
member to something appropriate like 24 if you want a real color image.
Of course, you'll still have problems.  You can expect "SetDIBits" to
work if the HBITMAP  points to a color bitmap, but you are giving it a
monochrome glyph bitmap as the image to copy over.  Sorry, it's up to
you to make sure that you create a color glyph bitmap for your color
HBITMAP, or to make them both 8 but grayscale, or both monochrome.


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