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Re: Kmail: Gmail (less secure apps) advice for GNU emacs developers.

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: Kmail: Gmail (less secure apps) advice for GNU emacs developers.
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2020 10:49:30 +0200
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>>> "AdG" == Adriaan de Groot <groot@kde.org> writes:

Hi Adriaan,

> Hi Uwe,
> On Monday, 10 August 2020 18:02:34 CEST Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
>> On Montag, 10. August 2020 09:12:12 CEST Martin Steigerwald wrote:
>> > Uwe Brauer - 10.08.20, 09:02:15 CEST:
>> > > The issue concerns an announcement by the gmail developers to drop the
>> > > option to connect to their IMAP service via name and password, known
>> > > as less-secure-apps. The main email reader of GNU Emacs, called gnus
>> > > relies on this method. Someone on the GNU emacs developer list
>> > > suggested that kmail solved the problem and is able to connect to the
>> > > GMAIL imap server using their OAuth2 method.
>> I would recommend  anyone concerned with privacy rights to not use Gmail.
>> OAuth2 is just a way for Google to force people to use Google Chrome for
>> logging into google services.

Thanks for your answer.

> There's an intransparent and arbitrary vetting process in place, where Google 
> approves an application's access to Google services. 

> I blogged about the issue, on behalf of Dan Vratil who was doing the actual 
> work of dealing with Google, 

> https://euroquis.nl/kde/2020/05/12/google.html
> https://euroquis.nl/kde/2020/01/13/google.html

> I'm sure Dan could describe the process in more detail, but it (slightly 
> cynically) comes down to this:

> - you will need a Google account *for the application developer*,
> - this application needs some API keys,
> - this application needs a privacy policy,
> - the application + policy must be submitted to the arbitrary process,
> - wait anywhere from 3 days to 6 months,
> - possibly the application will be allowed to connect to Google services.

This is really bad, deadline is in February. 

So there is quite a bit of  work to do and then it all depends on the mercy of 
«Dark Lord».

I am not sure what RMS is going to say about this.

Then there is a python based solution published on 

Not sure how relevant that could be.



> There is code in KDE-PIM somewhere that does the actual API-key-wrangling, 
> that's not really the issue.

> [ade]

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