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Re: Kmail: Gmail (less secure apps) advice for GNU emacs developers.

From: Martin Steigerwald
Subject: Re: Kmail: Gmail (less secure apps) advice for GNU emacs developers.
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 11:14:29 +0200

Hi Richard.

Richard Stallman - 15.08.20, 06:40:46 CEST:
>   > Like I've said I don't know how many times now, I'm not working on
>   > this problem at all.  You'll have to find somebody that can
>   > register these developer accounts (legally) on behalf of the FSF,
>   > and have them go through the review etc.
> I think we are miscommunicating.  Perhaps in two ways.

You are missing context. See below.

> You said you didn't want to do the work to follow what Google
> said to do.  I understand.  But now we are talking about following
> the Kmail method.  I don't know what either one actually is, though.
> How similar are those two?

Richard, Adriaan de Groot described the process what Daniel did for 
KMail. You have not (yet) been on cc. Daniel basically did what Google 
asked him to do:


Blog posts of Adrian referenced in there:

Akonadi / KMail and Google accounts


Akonadi / KMail and Google accounts resolved!


Also review this blog post by Dan himself:

Kontact and Google Integration Issues


As I have no interest whatsoever to use Google products like GMail, I 
have no intention to answer any further questions. I just thought I 
clear up the misunderstanding.


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