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Re: Kmail: Gmail (less secure apps) advice for GNU emacs developers.

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: Kmail: Gmail (less secure apps) advice for GNU emacs developers.
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2020 10:13:02 +0200

>>>>> On Thu, 13 Aug 2020 08:57:38 +0200, Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es> said:
    Uwe> The problem with another provider is:

    Uwe>     1. My Gmail account actually occupies some 22 GB, I presume to have
    Uwe>        that amount of space in any other provider will need some
    Uwe>        payment. While I might consider this for my private account, I
    Uwe>        don't feel like I should pay for my work account.

    Uwe>     2. The other provider must allow me to send email using the from of
    Uwe>        my work address, as google does.

    Uwe>     3. That is why I thought to stay with gmail but to go back to use
    Uwe>        dovecot (if their figured out how to connect to an gmail, with
    Uwe>        the new identification process). I did this in the past and the
    Uwe>        downside of this approach is that I will end up with an
    Uwe>        additional 22GB on my laptop and more in the future.

Surely in step [3] you have to go through the same tedious process to
get OAuth2 set up for gmail? My thinking was:

1. Get a new email provider
2. Tell google to forward 100% of your email to the new provider
3. Switch various accounts to provider

Even better of course is if in step [1] you get your own domain, and
get someone to host mail service for it.


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