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Re: getting gnustep to work

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: getting gnustep to work
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 14:43:06 +0100

On 10 Sep 2010, at 04:24, stolennomenclature wrote:

> Over the years I have tried many times to install and get Gnustep to work.
> Never had any luck so far. All its ever produced for me is a nice list of
> error messages. Tried again recently on Windows, no luck. So I tried just
> now on a clean install of Ubuntu. I installed Gnustep, followed the mini
> tutorial to create a tiny program and its makefile (below). I then, as
> instructed, typed "make", and as usual, got some error messages (just
> below).
> First I would like to ask if anyone can help me solve this problem?
> Second I would like to ask if anyone knows why the developers are able to
> write such a complex piece of code (gnustep and all its sophisticated
> libraries) and yet seem unable to write a simple and effective means of
> installing it?

What do you mean by 'installed Gnustep' here?
Do you mean that you used Ubuntu packages ... if so then any problem is with 
the Ubuntu packages rather than anything to do with GNUstep development, and 
you need to contact the person who is responsible for Ubuntu packages.  Of 
course the packages may have set everything up for you and perhaps all you need 
to do is log out and log in again ... but if so then perhaps you could ask the 
package maintainer to have the installation process end with a message to tell 
you that.

On the other hand, it you installed GNUstep stuff by building from source, then 
you probably forgot to read the installation instructions, README, INSTALL, or 
any of the installation tutorials available on the net...
When you configure gnustep-make there are two main options for the way you 
1. Install in locations like OpenStep/Apple (unfortunately this is the default 
for historical reasons)
2. Install in some other location (eg the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 
'configure --with-layout-fhs')

If you are installing in the OpenStep/Apple locations then you need environment 
variables set up to say where to find things ... and all the documentation 
tells you about this.  Basically you need to source GNUstep.sh after installing 
gnustep-make and every time you log in.

If you are installing in a 'native' layout (fhs is probably ok for most linux 
systems) then things will be where the system expects to find them anyway, and 
you should not nod to source GNUstep.sh

Anyway, once gnustep-make is properly installed, the installation process for 
any other part of GNUstep is simply 'make install'

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