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Re: getting gnustep to work

From: stolennomenclature
Subject: Re: getting gnustep to work
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 07:06:56 -0700 (PDT)

Richard Frith-Macdonald-2 wrote:
> On 10 Sep 2010, at 04:24, stolennomenclature wrote:
>> Over the years I have tried many times to install and get Gnustep to
>> work.
>> Never had any luck so far. All its ever produced for me is a nice list of
>> error messages. Tried again recently on Windows, no luck. So I tried just
>> now on a clean install of Ubuntu. I installed Gnustep, followed the mini
>> tutorial to create a tiny program and its makefile (below). I then, as
>> instructed, typed "make", and as usual, got some error messages (just
>> below).
>> First I would like to ask if anyone can help me solve this problem?
>> Second I would like to ask if anyone knows why the developers are able to
>> write such a complex piece of code (gnustep and all its sophisticated
>> libraries) and yet seem unable to write a simple and effective means of
>> installing it?
> What do you mean by 'installed Gnustep' here?
> Do you mean that you used Ubuntu packages ... if so then any problem is
> with the Ubuntu packages rather than anything to do with GNUstep
> development, and you need to contact the person who is responsible for
> Ubuntu packages.  Of course the packages may have set everything up for
> you and perhaps all you need to do is log out and log in again ... but if
> so then perhaps you could ask the package maintainer to have the
> installation process end with a message to tell you that.
> On the other hand, it you installed GNUstep stuff by building from source,
> then you probably forgot to read the installation instructions, README,
> INSTALL, or any of the installation tutorials available on the net...
> When you configure gnustep-make there are two main options for the way you
> install:
> 1. Install in locations like OpenStep/Apple (unfortunately this is the
> default for historical reasons)
> 2. Install in some other location (eg the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
> Standard 'configure --with-layout-fhs')
> If you are installing in the OpenStep/Apple locations then you need
> environment variables set up to say where to find things ... and all the
> documentation tells you about this.  Basically you need to source
> GNUstep.sh after installing gnustep-make and every time you log in.
> If you are installing in a 'native' layout (fhs is probably ok for most
> linux systems) then things will be where the system expects to find them
> anyway, and you should not nod to source GNUstep.sh
> Anyway, once gnustep-make is properly installed, the installation process
> for any other part of GNUstep is simply 'make install'
> Yes I used the Ubuntu packages for the Linux, and so is not Gnusteps
> fault. I have tried installing GNUstep before from source, and indeed lots
> of other packages, but have never got anything to work. Always lots of
> incomprehensible error messages, and little else. I am no Linux expert - i
> am used to Windows, where most install are just one click and it works
> (well not all the time of course - these are computers after all!). I did
> use downloaded binary packages from Gnustep for the Windows installation,
> but that does not work either. I can't quite remember exactly what
> happened, but it was what prompted me to try installing on Linux. If I
> feel expecially brave in the morning, I may try a source code install, but
> if my luck runs true to form, there is little chance it will work.
> Fingers crossed!
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