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Re: getting gnustep to work

From: stolennomenclature
Subject: Re: getting gnustep to work
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:53:47 -0700 (PDT)

Riccardo Mottola-4 wrote:
> Hi,
>> Over the years I have tried many times to install and get Gnustep to
>> work.
>> Never had any luck so far. All its ever produced for me is a nice list of
>> error messages. Tried again recently on Windows, no luck. So I tried just
>> now on a clean install of Ubuntu. I installed Gnustep, followed the mini
>> tutorial to create a tiny program and its makefile (below). I then, as
>> instructed, typed "make", and as usual, got some error messages (just
>> below).
> sorry to be sarcastic, but in so many attempts, did you ever read a bit 
> in the wiki or checked the examples provided?
> The simplest thing you can do is to use ProjectCenter: use "tool" for a 
> command-line application, type your code and hit build. PC will generate 
> the files for you and run everything for you.
> Then  gradually you can understand what is done automatically for you 
> and tamper yourself.
> Riccardo
> That did'nt sound very sarcastic to me - in any case, i'm all growed up
> now and can handle a moderate amount of sarcasm - I'm quite good at it
> myself!
> I have never liked reading documentation much so I tend to avoid doing so
> whenever possible. In particular I am used to the modern kind of automated
> installations typical of Windows where the installer does more or less
> everything for you - which is what I have come to expect (on Windows that
> is). 
> Nevertheless, I did actually read the info on the web site about
> installing the system on Microsoft Windows
> (http://www.gnustep.org/experience/Windows.html), and did as instructed.
> There is no mention on this page of any kind of post-install procedures,
> such as "sourcing" GNUstep.sh, or anything else. Its true I did not trawl
> through the entire site looking for some additional instructions, but I
> had no reason to imagine I would need to. As I have already mentioned,
> since this was a Windows install, I did not expect to have to do anything
> else beyond the initial mouse click. Indeed I was quite dismayed to find a
> three-step process - normally you would expect a single stage install,
> with the installer asking you what components to select (development
> tools, etc) rather than having a separate install procedure for some
> additional components. However even I can handle that level of complexity
> (just). 
> I still cannot really understand why there needs to be any post-install
> procedures with a Windows install at least. Why can't it be automated? Why
> can't the installer "source" the GNUstep.sh? If I can do it manually in
> such a simple fashion, then surely it can be automated. There are so few
> versions of Windows compared to the thousands of versions of Linux.
> Everything is more or less the same from one Windows to the next
> (directory structure, etc). I don't wish to be known as a whinger, but I
> have not this kind of problem with any other system. For example, the Vala
> C-with-objects compiler installed in a single click and worked first time.
> So too with Ruby, Python, Pike, Lua, Freebasic, Tcl/TK, Clisp, Scheme,
> Logo, Squeak, etc. These are all developer tools too so are targeting
> people with good computer skills (perhaps less so with languages like
> Python), but they have still been given fully automated installations. 
> I'd imagine that had I been able to get Gnustep running those several
> years ago when I first tried it, that I would not have looked at any other
> language since. It has always seemed to me to be the best language concept
> I have seen so far. If only I could have gotten it working.
> Very likely even I could have got it working eventually if I had been
> prepared to trawl the forums and the web site documentation, and put lots
> of man hours of work into solving the many problems, but since I did not
> know if I would like the language, and because of my intense dislike of
> forums and searching through doco, I decided instead to go with other
> languages that did not require so much effort to install. Just my bad luck
> I guess.
> Finally, none of this matters when compared to the fact that after
> following the GNUstep install instructions, and those suggested by people
> on this forum (sourcing GNUstep.sh, etc), I still cannot get the simplest
> "hello world" program to compile on Windows, much less run. Somewhat
> ironically, the only working Gnustep system I have is on Ubuntu Linux, and
> it was installed from Ubuntu packages - a simple one click install. In
> this instance, Ubuntu is more Windows like than Windows.
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