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Re: Suggestions for deploying an application ?

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Suggestions for deploying an application ?
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 16:05:34 +0100

> Have you tried the Windows installer? You can find it here: 
> ftp://ftp.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/windows/

No, I hadnt sorry....

> I have found it much, much easier to compile GNUstep with Mingw (that 
> is, directly to Win32) than to Cygwin. In fact, after two weeks trying I 
>   just went back to mingw.

Can you not compile to the win32 API under Cygwin as well ? thats what I
am (about) to try and do when the system finishes compiling -gui... I hope
I am not running down a blind alley. I was under the impressing cygwin
included all thr win32 API as well.

> We use GNUstep apps on windows. There's still a lot of room for 
> improvement, specially on multithreading and in the backend, but it's 
> mostly usable. Make sure to apply M.A. Garcias' patches for the backend.

O.K., will do.... (as someone else said, it would be nice to get those into
the main tree).

I have configures GUI with '--without-x' which I assume is correct, and
am going to configure back as '--enable-graphics=winlib --enable-server=win32'
which is how you get the win32 native code isnt it ? I am somewhat hazy as to
what to do with gdomap gdnc and gpbs though - the latter is
preseumably not required, and the former seems to run... but gdnc coredumps,
though I have no idea if it is required or not.


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