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Success with Cygwin - except for gdnc... any ideas ?

From: Pete French
Subject: Success with Cygwin - except for gdnc... any ideas ?
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 18:42:53 +0100

O.K., I happily managed to compile and cuild all the GNUstep
bits under Cygwin without any trouble. Seems to work flawlessly
straight out of the box, which was an unexpected surprise.

I am testing by runnign Ink.app - but it always complains that
it cannt find gdnc for some reason, and tried to start a new one.
Now gdnc is definitely running, and more start each time I
try the App, so I am puzzled as to why the Apps cannot connect to
them. Has anyone seen this before ? Everything else seems to
work fine - including the backend as the Apps pop up nice little windows to
say they cant find gdnc.

So close... so close...


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