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Re: StepBox AppName Poll, Was: StepBox v1 - Yet another GNUstep window m

From: thisguyisi
Subject: Re: StepBox AppName Poll, Was: StepBox v1 - Yet another GNUstep window manager
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 00:00:06 -0700
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Yen-Ju Chen wrote:

By the way, for whoever is interested, I would like to change the name of StepBox.
 StepBox is O.K, but not great. Any suggestion ?



Since there seems to be a poll on this list for each new GNUstep based application, and at Yen-Ju's request, I'd like to kick off the StepBox Renaming Poll:

Current name: StepBox. This indicates it is a derivative of the *Box family of Window Managers.

Lineage: BlackBox > HackedBox > StepBox is the lineage (as I gather it).

Potential app names:

Since it is a window manager, it manages "windows", or "window panes". You could say that each "window" on screen is "pane" (as in pane of glass). I think "Pane(s)" or "WindowPane(s)" would be good names.

You could also think of it this way; each "pane" (bit of content/data displayed in a window), is held in a "window frame" (the widgets surrounding window content/data: Titlebar, minimize/close buttons, resize-bar), and each "framed window pane" (each individual window on screen) fits into a "window track" (the code controlling the placement and behaviors of the windows on screen) in a "window fixture" (the entire windowed GUI display).

Using this concept, "WindowTrack" would be a good name, as it describes the way windows fit together, and implies what a window manager does, which is to track and manage the functioning of windows in a windowed GUI.

Best Regards to All,

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