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Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 12:42:43 -0700 (PDT)

Ibotty and Nicolas,
> Selon ibotty <address@hidden>:
>> >>  However, as I said, NSWorkspace (in GNUstep) doesn't implement
>> >> opening of NSURLs. So, don't expect to see anything more besides
>> the headlines - that is, until someone implements this
>> functionality.
>> > Would anyone be willing to implement this properly under GNUstep?
>> i was very keen on implementing a vfs (virtual filesystem in desktop-
>> (not in kernel context) in gnustep, but was ...ehem.. discouraged by
>>the 'community'.
I know how you feel all too well, the seething negativity seems to have
abated recently however, at least to a degree.
> Well, imho here we aren't really talking about VFS ...but simply of a
> method to open the right application according to the URL.
Exactly, although personally I think VFS would be very nice.
>> btw: this part of the community is why i do not write anything for the
>> gnustep project anymore (well, lack of time is also a factor, but
>> threatening and very inpolite mails also do not attract new
>> developer). as soon as someone questions one single aspect of openstep
>> (the api), [s]he is flamed by a large group of old steppers.
Yep, and those old curmudgeons who are cowardly, and not all are, need to
either stand up and publically voice their opinions HERE, or shut filth
and negativity-ridden mouths. As I said before, some of the worst
offenders seem to have gone away, or at least slipped into the background
for the time being.
> It's always a delicate balance to choose between conservative point of
> view and innovative pov. Sometimes it's good to change the old way :-)
> but many others times sticking with OpenStep way / philosophy is better.
> Having some steppers around is then good.
Balancing anything is usually difficult. That being said, those who see
the OpenStep spec as a HOLY GRAIL that is not to be touched EVER, even for
the sake of improvement, are just as blinded as are the worst Christian or
Islamic extremists on earth, in my view.
> What I heard against VFS was mostly about the visual representation for
> the file manager : ie, that it could leads to replace GWorkspace.app UI
> with a browser-metaphor UI. The other thing was that theorically VFS
> shouldn't be the GNUstep job, but the kernel job. Problem is that
> GNUstep is theorically multiplatform ...
Which is precisely why ibotty wanted to implement it at the GNUstep level.
> My opinion here is that I agree with the idea that GWorkspace shouldn't
> be the placeholder for all URL (as konqueror is). But in the same time,
Agreed, 100%.
> it would be great to have a unified method to /open/ URLs with the right
> application ! So we could let the user choose its prefered app, etc.
A way for applications to 'register' and say "I can handle the sip:// URL
type" is what is needed. How that is implemented is less important, but
still a major factor. IMHO HTTP is too limiting but even it would be
useful at this point.
> It's not much about a VFS here. A VFS should have more to do with
> NSFile; and perhaps it could also be interesting to have a common method
Again, agreed.
> to let  applications add "VFS" capacities to NSFile (that is, a WebDav
> app could add HTTP PUT to NSFile for example). It could be done in
> bundles instead of apps too...
>> anyway. if there is interest in a vfs, i would be glad to provide a
> starting
>> point. (i have the interfaces and a sample file: and imap:
> implementation.)
I'm interested in it personally.
>> but remember i will NOT work on it in the scope of the gnustep
>> project.
This is a bit ambiguous...I take it you mean you don't want your code in
GNUstep /proper/, am I correct? As long as it were a separate project,
say, as is Addresses.framework, then it would be okay?
>> ~ibotty
> --
> Nico

Just my $0.02 cents/euros

Alex Perez

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