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Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 13:53:05 +0200

On Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2003, at 11:33 Uhr, Richard Frith-Macdonald wrote:

Actually, I don't know how MacOS-X does it ... another interpretation
might be that the data from the referenced location should be retrieved
and stored in a temporary file, than an application launched to open
that file. I don't *think* that's the purpose of the method ... does anyone

Mac OS X uses the Internet Config (http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Carbon/Reference/ Internet_Config/) for that. Internet Config is something which stems from pre Mac OS X days. Basically it's a sort of controller that manages a current set of settings related to the "Internet", like your currently preferred {news reader | mail app | web browser} and so on. Also, it maintains a set of options related to these services, like your email address, incoming mail server, user account id, password (stored in keychain), homepage, file download area etc. This is quite some infrastructure. It's not really necessary to have all that, but it works like a charm. If you switch your preferred Browser, all (native, ported) Browsers using this infrastructure will be provided with the same information - theoretically you don't have to adjust your preferences anymore. In practice, all apps have their own set of specialties so it doesn't really work without touching the preferences.

When implementing such a thing for GNUstep, the most important aspect IMHO, however, is that there's a central registry of all applications implementing a specific set of URL schemes and an order of preference in which to use it. This could be very well implemented by using user defaults. It could be GWorkspace's responsibility to update this information on launch - might also be the responsibility of a script (analogue to make_services) which gets triggered by GWorkspace. Preferences.app should implement editing of the default values, like the Internet.prefPane does on Mac OS X.



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