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Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 01:12:25 +0200
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ibotty wrote:
i was very keen on implementing a vfs (virtual filesystem in desktop- , not
in kernel context) in gnustep, but was ...ehem.. discouraged by the

Yup, seems to be very common in GNUstep attitude in GNUstep "agree on nothing, do your own". At least my impression, no offense intendend.

Anyway, I *would* like to see a VFS for Objective-C (not just GNUstep, but also MacOSX). That user-level VFS makes sense is *very* well shown by Gnome and KDE and that Kernel-level VFS doesn't make sense at all is very well shown by MacOSX (say: FTP + WebDAV filesystems).

But on the other side VFS is hard to get right. I would really prefer to use GNOME and/or KDE VFS instead of starting a new, own one. There is a nice paper on Nautilus floating in the net on VFS and some issues with that (don't have the URL handy).

as soon as someone questions one single aspect of openstep (the api), [s]he
is flamed by a large group of old steppers.

Well, IMHO the real problem is not that "old steppers" as you put it. I consider myself an "old stepper". Yet, even this small group is *very* diverse and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what GNUstep should look like or be or ...

anyway. if there is interest in a vfs, i would be glad to provide a starting
point. (i have the interfaces and a sample file: and imap: implementation.)

OGo also contains a NSFileManager subclass for IMAP4 and LDAP. But it only implements synchronous API which is OK for web apps/middleware but insufficient for desktop apps.


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