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Re: you may not have wanted it...

From: Pascal J. Bourguignon
Subject: Re: you may not have wanted it...
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:06:50 +0100 (CET)

> i just wanted to let you all know that, despite all of the excitement (both
> good and bad) that my suggestion of a pure GNUstep window manager seemed to
> have caused a while back, i pursued the idea and started getting my hands
> dirty with it a couple of weeks ago while still working on my other 
> projects...
> and it worked.
> i decided to skip windowmaker due to the sheer size of the code base (being 
> that i'm no X hacker, it was too much for my pitiful little mind to handle at
> the time), attacked aewm with a little objective-c kung fu and voila...the
> thing runs.  please keep in mind that this is sooo very pre-pre-alpha form
> that it's really not even amusing...i've got it to the point where it does one
> thing very well: start.  and i do mean that's it.  the glorious big pixel 
> black
> & white background with the "X" cursor.  that's all.
> i'm calling it "Interface" at the moment, and here's some of the main goals
> that i'm going to try to meet with it:
> - a *pure* GNUstep window manager (duh)
> - be minimalistic about the window manager itself, keeping memory usage as low
>   as possible
> - highly modular, plug-in style architecture via bundles
> - utilize the GNUstepDefaults database for all configuration details
> - utilize the WindowMaker theme structure.  makes sense to me.

> - utilize the GNUstep NSMenu class for the menus.  i know this conflicts with
>   the preceeding point, so there's no need to remind me ;-)

Anyway, once GWorspace is integrated, the window manager does not need
any menu. Enough with its defaults and the Preference app.

> no screenshots yet because the description i gave earlier has almost more 
> detail
> than the real thing.  no downloads yet because the code is ugly as hell right
> now. 

Grr. Does not matter, we want to try it ! Download ! Download !

> but if you have any suggestions or things you feel would be usefull or
> imperative (aside from me stopping this project immediately due to the fact 
> that
> you're busy screaming about "Killer Apps"...hahaha), please do drop me a line.

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