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you may not have wanted it...

From: Ian Mondragon
Subject: you may not have wanted it...
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 21:32:57 -0500
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hey everybody -

i just wanted to let you all know that, despite all of the excitement (both
good and bad) that my suggestion of a pure GNUstep window manager seemed to
have caused a while back, i pursued the idea and started getting my hands
dirty with it a couple of weeks ago while still working on my other projects...
and it worked.

i decided to skip windowmaker due to the sheer size of the code base (being 
that i'm no X hacker, it was too much for my pitiful little mind to handle at
the time), attacked aewm with a little objective-c kung fu and voila...the
thing runs.  please keep in mind that this is sooo very pre-pre-alpha form
that it's really not even amusing...i've got it to the point where it does one
thing very well: start.  and i do mean that's it.  the glorious big pixel black
& white background with the "X" cursor.  that's all.

i'm calling it "Interface" at the moment, and here's some of the main goals
that i'm going to try to meet with it:

- a *pure* GNUstep window manager (duh)
- be minimalistic about the window manager itself, keeping memory usage as low
  as possible
- highly modular, plug-in style architecture via bundles
- utilize the GNUstepDefaults database for all configuration details
- utilize the WindowMaker theme structure.  makes sense to me.
- utilize the GNUstep NSMenu class for the menus.  i know this conflicts with
  the preceeding point, so there's no need to remind me ;-)

no screenshots yet because the description i gave earlier has almost more detail
than the real thing.  no downloads yet because the code is ugly as hell right
now.  but if you have any suggestions or things you feel would be usefull or
imperative (aside from me stopping this project immediately due to the fact that
you're busy screaming about "Killer Apps"...hahaha), please do drop me a line.

i'll have some details up on dragonhelix in the near future.

- ian mondragon


Ian Mondragon  - < copal @ dragonhelix . org >

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