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RE: you may not have wanted it...

From: ian . mondragon
Subject: RE: you may not have wanted it...
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 10:59:34 -0600

|> - utilize the GNUstep NSMenu class for the menus.  i know this conflicts
|>   the preceeding point, so there's no need to remind me ;-)
|Anyway, once GWorspace is integrated, the window manager does not need
|any menu. Enough with its defaults and the Preference app.

now i feel like a true bonehead.  that is *SUCH* a good idea, and truly
obvious thing to point out <grin>.  when i get home i'll start doing that. 

|> no screenshots yet because the description i gave earlier has almost more
|> than the real thing.  no downloads yet because the code is ugly as hell
|> now. 
|Grr. Does not matter, we want to try it ! Download ! Download !

ah, but the big proglum right now is that when i click on any of the mouse
buttons, it dumps core (and sounds something roughly like, "whirrrrrr bang
pooey", in case you were interrested.)

but not to fear.  i'm cleaning up the code, and working on the cursor issue.
i'm going to try to have the code in a state suitable for public viewing
within the next couple of weeks once i get it to at least pull up a terminal

- ian mondragon

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