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Re: Issues with Playback &c.

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: Issues with Playback &c.
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 10:46:16 +0100

On Mon, 2020-06-29 at 20:54 -0400, Gabriel Ellsworth wrote:
> Hello, everyone. Thanks for your help when I was installing Denemo.
> I have just finished engraving my first Denemo score. However, I am
> having the following issues:
> Playback is out of sync. For some reason, depending on where I put my
> cursor, the vocal track plays a bit behind or ahead of the string
> tracks that accompany the vocals. I don’t know how to get all parts
> to play back in a synchronized fashion.

That's very strange indeed - if you can post an example (send it
privately to me if it's confidential) then I could say what may be
happening. (The MIDI messages for the different tracks are interleaved
so getting an out-of-sync result could only be done at MIDI generation
time ... very puzzling).

> When I was trying to fix the above issue, playback stopped generating
> any audio at all. I can see the bars moving across the score, but no
> sound comes out of my speaker. Previously I was able to hear sound
> (albeit out of sync).

There are circumstances where this happens to me - e.g. after
hibernating the system. Do other programs still create audio
Stopping and re-starting Denemo would be the first thing to try.
However, Denemo does retain your preferred audio output route in the
denemorc file, so
If you explore Edit->Change Preferences->Audio
for the Audio Backend setting you may find it has been set to something
As a last resort you can reboot/look at the system's audio settings
(not that Denemo tries to set these, the PortAudio library just queries
and tries to choose one).

> Playback view does not work. It displays as follows (see screenshot
> below my signature).
What version of LilyPond is being invoked? Playback View tries to
invoke LilyPond to generate SVG output (and LilyPond's MIDI output) and
puts the two together.

> One of my instruments is viola, but in the typeset view the label at
> the beginning of the first system says “Violin.”

I think you must have chosen the default name when setting up that
staff - use Staffs/Voices->Staff Properties->Instrument Name as Joe

> I am trying to mark (and hopefully hear in playback) pizzicato for
> one section. I searched the manual for “pizzicato” but did not find
> anything.

Is there some special notation for pizz. ? It is usually just notated
by inserting the text "pizz." at the start of the section (and "arco"
at the end).

To get Denemo to play it pizzicato you would need to put the arco and
pizz. passages in different voices as in the attached example. HOWEVER,
I have found that it seems that assigning MIDI instruments seems to be
broken - I don't use them myself so I haven't noticed, and I will have
to dig around to find when this bug emerged and what is causing it.
Does anyone have a working version of a multiple MIDI instrument Denemo


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