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Re: Issues with Playback &c.

From: Joe Wilkinson
Subject: Re: Issues with Playback &c.
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 09:13:48 +0100
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Hi Gabriel,
You will need a wiser man than me for 1-3.
4. When you set up a new staff the instrument name that appears in the edit window does not necessarily translate to the Typeset window. If you don't set a value immediately different from the default, and then try to change it by clicking on it in the edit window it does not change the Typeset window. Use Staff >> StaffProperties >> Instrument Name for this.
(If you set Short Instrument Name this appears at the end of every line of that particular staff.
For example I have music with first line marked Mandolin1 and subsequent lines marked Mnd1
5. I don't know that there is a way of getting this to play back pizzicato. Presumably it would involve an on-the-fly swap of Midi instrument. I have an allied problem that there is no tremolo playback for the mandolin so have to put up with a single pick or write in lots of semiquavers which makes everything unreadable. For pizz I put in a MultilineText&Music addition to a note and hope that people notice it and move their wrist onto the end of the strings to dampen them.
Best wishes
Joe Wilkinson

On 30/06/2020 01:54, Gabriel Ellsworth wrote:
Hello, everyone. Thanks for your help when I was installing Denemo.

I have just finished engraving my first Denemo score. However, I am having the following issues:
  1. Playback is out of sync. For some reason, depending on where I put my cursor, the vocal track plays a bit behind or ahead of the string tracks that accompany the vocals. I don’t know how to get all parts to play back in a synchronized fashion.
  2. When I was trying to fix the above issue, playback stopped generating any audio at all. I can see the bars moving across the score, but no sound comes out of my speaker. Previously I was able to hear sound (albeit out of sync).
  3. Playback view does not work. It displays as follows (see screenshot below my signature).
  4. One of my instruments is viola, but in the typeset view the label at the beginning of the first system says “Violin.”
  5. I am trying to mark (and hopefully hear in playback) pizzicato for one section. I searched the manual for “pizzicato” but did not find anything.
Does anyone know the solutions to these issues

All the best,


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