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Re: update 1 Re: [Demexp-dev] Development priorities for the Drupal modu

From: Augustin
Subject: Re: update 1 Re: [Demexp-dev] Development priorities for the Drupal module (and for the server)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 22:14:57 +0800
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Hi David,

On Monday 09 October 2006 01:13 am, you wrote:
> Yes but that does not mean doing everything in hurry. :-)

Precisely, that's why I want fewer features at the begginning, but enough time 
to test and debug.

> > Here is a tentative schedule:
> First off all, I'm not fond of schedules: that does not mean anything
> for software when a bug can block you for days (e.g. the Python UTF-8
> bug) and demexp is for me a pet project, not a payed job. That's said, I
> see no reason not to try to follow your schedule.

Yes, there is nothing binding nor official in what I wrote. 
Note that I didn't mention any date on the fr list announcement. 

> We can start to prepare the server as soon as we have it, and even use
> it for tests.

ok. Tell me when you're ready.

> > * 1st of November: we are ready and live. The general public can already
> > sign up at on the Drupal web site and vote on the official
> > server.
> Why the 1st of November? I would prefer to say that we go public when
> ready (like all free software projects).

In any case, it will go public only when it is ready, whether earlier or 
the 1st of November is the date netizens start to vote on the top three 
projects in the competition you joined. 
Who knows? You might be in those top three... It would be nice to have 
something ready by then, if it happens. :) It would be a shame to miss an 
opportunity like this.

If not, then we have lost nothing, anyway.

> I will probably on short holidays only around the 1st of November.

Everybody needs holidays. :)

> > 6) URL.
> > I want to come to an agreement on all the points that involve a change in
> > the URL format. I want to avoid a situation where most of the URL will
> > change a few weeks/months from now.
> > I.E, do we use the i18n.module (I will install it later, so you can
> > see).
> I would *prefer* to support i18n from the beginning, but I don't see
> what is exactly doing the i18n.module. A reference to read?

I'll install it later, so we can test together.

> > 7) Tag hierarchy.
> I have created tags:
>  "a: Tag A"
>  "aa: sub-tag of A"
>  "b: Tag B"

I noticed, thanks.
I'll probably work on that next, now that I have settled, I hope, the 
registration procedure.

> > I WILL be ready very soon (this week).
> > How is the tentative schedule for you?
> Very short. For example, I don't know if I'll be able to solve UTF-8 bug
> in the Python proxy.

This bug is a show stopper. 
Take everything at your own pace. I do not want to rush you, but this issue 
should be among your priorities (I mean priority among other demexp stuff, 
not priority in your private life! :). I *really* do not want to put pressure 
on you).

> > Can we all be ready for the 1st of November?
> Not so sure. But let's try it! :-)

Don't worry: I agree with you in principle: we'll go public when we're ready 
and not earlier.
I still think that very early next month is feasible. 

We'll see.




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