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Re: update 1 Re: [Demexp-dev] Development priorities for the Drupal modu

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: update 1 Re: [Demexp-dev] Development priorities for the Drupal module (and for the server)
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 19:13:50 +0200
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Hi Augustin,

Augustin <address@hidden> writes:

> As I explained, we should do our best to set up the live web site very soon, 
> so that non-developers can become more active by recruiting more members, and 
> publicizing our project.

Yes but that does not mean doing everything in hurry. :-)

> Here is a tentative schedule:

First off all, I'm not fond of schedules: that does not mean anything
for software when a bug can block you for days (e.g. the Python UTF-8
bug) and demexp is for me a pet project, not a payed job. That's said, I
see no reason not to try to follow your schedule.

> * today, the 8th of October, already most of the core functionality is ready 
> (see below). 
> * by the 15th of October, I have finished coding everything needed for stage 
> 1 
> (which requires that we agree on the last remaining items).
> * starting today, for a two weeks period, thoroughly test and debug the 
> Drupal 
> module. 
> * second half of October, prepare the server at the new host (??)

We can start to prepare the server as soon as we have it, and even use
it for tests.

> * 1st of November: we are ready and live. The general public can already sign 
> up at on the Drupal web site and vote on the official
> server.

Why the 1st of November? I would prefer to say that we go public when
ready (like all free software projects).

I will probably on short holidays only around the 1st of November.

>> 1) all basic features must be implemented:
>> * the import of data from the server is mostly done,
> All done. I think.

Well, I have at least a remark on the way web vote is done. I'll do this
in a separate email.

> There was a big bug which prevented you to login, last month. It is
> fixed.

Yes, that works for me.

> One thing that is not done, but probably should be done: more than one Drupal 
> user can have the same demexp account. It is partly done on purpose, for now: 
> people can all test using the demo/demo account. But I guess this would have 
> to be fixed later this week. 


>> * to do: Ability to create new questions, add answers, vote and 
>> modify the vote.
> All done.


> I am still waiting for a definite agreement on the points raised in my two 
> emails:
> * The proper use of Drupal


As I said previously, we want to use Drupal for demo and test server,
under specific areas (probably something like

> * Logins and account creation.

Cf. other thread.

>> 4) testing and debugging.
> I will need everybody's help. 
> I'll make an announcement on the fr list.
> Everything must be thoroughly tested during the next two weeks.
> Can you setup accounts on the test server for all the people who
> request it?


> Can you setup a personal account for me on the test server, too?


> 6) URL.
> I want to come to an agreement on all the points that involve a change in the 
> URL format. I want to avoid a situation where most of the URL will change a 
> few weeks/months from now.
> I.E, do we use the i18n.module (I will install it later, so you can
> see).

I would *prefer* to support i18n from the beginning, but I don't see
what is exactly doing the i18n.module. A reference to read?

> Do we create aliases for each question? (i.e. have
> instead of )


> 7) Tag hierarchy.
> I just asked on the fr list for help from the classifiers. 
> The data on the test server is not the same than the data on the official 
> server, so I cannot properly plan for what's to come.
> I want to play with the "abf: Europe" kind of tags. 

I have created tags:

 "a: Tag A"
 "aa: sub-tag of A"
 "b: Tag B"

and assigned them to questions 292 and 293 (on test server).

> I WILL be ready very soon (this week).
> How is the tentative schedule for you?

Very short. For example, I don't know if I'll be able to solve UTF-8 bug
in the Python proxy.

> Can we all be ready for the 1st of November?

Not so sure. But let's try it! :-)

Best wishes,
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