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update 1 Re: [Demexp-dev] Development priorities for the Drupal module (

From: Augustin
Subject: update 1 Re: [Demexp-dev] Development priorities for the Drupal module (and for the server)
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 21:47:16 +0800
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I have just uploaded the updated demexp.module onto the test web site.

As I explained, we should do our best to set up the live web site very soon, 
so that non-developers can become more active by recruiting more members, and 
publicizing our project.

Here is a tentative schedule:

* today, the 8th of October, already most of the core functionality is ready 
(see below). 

* by the 15th of October, I have finished coding everything needed for stage 1 
(which requires that we agree on the last remaining items).

* starting today, for a two weeks period, thoroughly test and debug the Drupal 

* second half of October, prepare the server at the new host (??)

* 1st of November: we are ready and live. The general public can already sign 
up at on the Drupal web site and vote on the official server.

* 2nd of November: planning for stage 2 begins :)

Obviously, the schedule above is not set in stone, and it will depend a lot on 
how quickly we can solve the remaining important items (agree on procedures, 
rent and setup the server). 

See below for details:

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 12:20 pm, Augustin wrote:
> Critical, and necessary for official realease (to be used on live web site
> and official server data):
> *********************
> 1) all basic features must be implemented:
> * the import of data from the server is mostly done,

All done. I think.

> * updating of the imported data is mostly done, too, but not everything yet
> (tags).

Very soon, I will write and ask a few important questions about timestamps and 
updates. We have to make sure that the data on the web stays in synch with 
the server. 

> * mostly done as far as I am concerned: user login and registration
> procedure (part of the registration can still be made manually like it is
> now). 

There was a big bug which prevented you to login, last month. It is fixed.
We still have to come to a final agreement for stage 1, about the 
login/registration procedure. 
I'll make necessary modifications according to what we decide this week.

One thing that is not done, but probably should be done: more than one Drupal 
user can have the same demexp account. It is partly done on purpose, for now: 
people can all test using the demo/demo account. But I guess this would have 
to be fixed later this week. 

> * to do: Ability to create new questions, add answers, vote and 
> modify the vote.

All done.

> 2) I disagree on 2 or 3 points that have been made before. I will detail
> this in separate emails. Those points probably will need to be resolved
> before the stable module can be released.

I am still waiting for a definite agreement on the points raised in my two 
* The proper use of Drupal
* Logins and account creation.

> 3) other points not mentioned here but that you will bring out.

Nothing so far...

> 4) testing and debugging.

I will need everybody's help. 
I'll make an announcement on the fr list.
Everything must be thoroughly tested during the next two weeks.

Can you setup accounts on the test server for all the people who request it?
Can you setup a personal account for me on the test server, too?

> 5) All of the above supposes that the server remains stable, as it is now.
> No new feature is required from the server at this stage.

This point is particularly relevant in the discussion about logins and 
registration. I guess that a more complete solution would involve changes in 
the server, during stage 2 or 3. Maybe not. We'll see later.

6) URL.
I want to come to an agreement on all the points that involve a change in the 
URL format. I want to avoid a situation where most of the URL will change a 
few weeks/months from now.
I.E, do we use the i18n.module (I will install it later, so you can see).
Do we create aliases for each question? (i.e. have
instead of )

7) Tag hierarchy.
I just asked on the fr list for help from the classifiers. 
The data on the test server is not the same than the data on the official 
server, so I cannot properly plan for what's to come.
I want to play with the "abf: Europe" kind of tags. 

8) Server at the new host.
I have not yet replied to David's questions about what's needed for the 
server, but will do so soon.

Are you able and ready to rent the new server later this month?
Or did you plan on renting it only later?
What's the status on the new rented box?

I WILL be ready very soon (this week).
How is the tentative schedule for you?
Can we all be ready for the 1st of November?


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