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Re: [Demexp-dev] Depencies of ocaml-gettext and other problems

From: GISQUET Christophe
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] Depencies of ocaml-gettext and other problems
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 01:33:37 +0200
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See comments further down for the reasons regarding the attachment.

David MENTRE a écrit :
A usual big issue with OCaml: if you change your OCaml compiler, you
need to recompile *all* your libraries.

Provided I understand what is an ocaml library. So far, I had a sufficient success rate.

1') Funny thing (and of no use to this list), some packages have:
You should fill a bug report to the package author, shouldn't you?

Yes, among half a dozen others for those packages. And thanks for this warm and sympathizing cheer up ! ;p

2) Most links from the configure are broken
For instance links starting with
are now hosted at

Ok, I fixed broken links.

Same correction should be applied to README. But as I saw that you were using a different download link there, I've modified the configure script in the same fashion, and this modification is included in the attached patch.

Last but not least, cameleon is an huge unneeded chunk. Again some time
taken to find the original config_file 0.1 version.

Well, for this one, the proposed link
( is still correct.

My bad, I was probably trying some experimental read-speed-maximizing method.

3) locale directory
I currently don't understand what your are proposing and what is really
the issue. Give me some time.

You can specify the locale folder used for an application.
man 3 bindtextdomain:

       char * bindtextdomain (const char * domainname, const char * dirname);
       If dirname is not NULL, the base directory for message catalogs belong-
       ing  to  domain domainname is set to dirname. The function makes copies
       of the argument strings as needed. If the program wishes  to  call  the
       chdir  function,  it is important that dirname be an absolute pathname;
       otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that the  message  catalogs  will  be

       If dirname is NULL, the function returns the previously set base direc-
       tory for domain domainname.

I expected dir to be the above dirname variable in the ocaml implementation (and this doesn't seem to work)

A win32 program installation doesn't respect SYS-V hierarchy, but rather the principle that a program is expected to store its data file in the folder or subfolders where the binary is installed.

As a consequence, I wanted to change None ($prefix/share/locale) to "locale". And I was underlining the fact that relative pathes required that the program was launched within its installation path (for instance C:\demexp\demexp.exe would fail)

 To build only the .mo file:
   make po/

Sorry, again, I did take notice that the README listed install-buildpo as such a command anyway. But now I have a problem with ocaml-gettext itself. I have one less problem on the list that prevents me from properly building those files.

Where is Perl used? Could you give me the offending command and its
ouput. (a moment later) Ok, found it (in

I can't find back the interface, but this is somewhat funny considering that there's a bug report, and the exact same script, on ocaml-gettext bugtracker about the consecutive ^# lines, coming from /you/. :)

po/fix-po-comments-for-ocaml-gettext). Well, I'm not that proficient in
sed. Could you provide a patch? If not, I'll try to see what I can do.

I need to think more about it (as I'm the one proposing), but I failed the experiment of directly reusing the RE as I thought would be possible.

Concerning the final client binary, the problem seems to have gone away, as I was able to run the program without any problem. It is not fixed; I assume only a better mojo improved the situation.

Therefore I have attached a patch that:
- modifies configure to detect a win32 platform and write that to the Makefile
- modifies config/ so as to detect a win32 platform and issue:
  . better flags (namely -mwindows that hides/removes the shell windows when
    the binary is launched)
  . a specific new goal (new installer goal producing the installer)
- updates the NSIS setup file
  This however involves stripping all the GTK runtime from the installer, as
  I have other plans for this part of the installer.
  Concerning a comment from you about cross-compilation, nsis tools are
  available for a while under linux and allow cross-compilation of installer
  However, you do know the complexity and feasibility of setting up an ocaml

I've uploaded
for testing. not included as I don't have time to check and fix anything regarding i18n.

Best regards,
Christophe GISQUET

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