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[Demexp-dev] Depencies of ocaml-gettext and other problems

From: GISQUET Christophe
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Depencies of ocaml-gettext and other problems
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 18:29:40 +0200
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to quote myself:
>  the number of dependencies is ludicrous

While those dependencies are unavoidable, one has to waver through various intricates problems:

1) camomile, if I remember well, uses an option containing "pack", which is not supported by 3.08 versions, incidentally the one packaged for cygwin. In addition, one may end up being gratified with "'stuff1' and 'stuff2' disagree on 'some' interface", which is a another convoluted way of giving the convoluted explanation "incompatible ABIs somewhere". This means that for all packages having this problem, one must rebuild them with the 3.09 version one would have recompiled. That hurts, doctor.

1') Funny thing (and of no use to this list), some packages have:
- a build-dir option specifying where *all* files will be put
- make performs the bytecode build/native build/installation in one step into the given folder
- make clean wipes this directory...
So, if, for some reason, like incompatible APIs, you think of doing a make clean, don't complain to the doctor that specifying $HOME or the world-writable /usr hurts.

2) Most links from the configure are broken
For instance links starting with are now hosted at Then, some may have interface problems or not (see a mail on this very list involving TyRec), leading to "where are the *latest* versions?". The only place I found for some of them was the svn view interface from above, as there's no obvious way to access the svn server... Last but not least, cameleon is an huge unneeded chunk. Again some time taken to find the original config_file 0.1 version.

> the DemexpGettext module does let dir = None (equivalent to
> $prefix/share/locale ?) which I suspect won't work under windows
3) locale directory
I suggest having to have something like:
      let dir          =
        if Sys.os_type <> "Win32" then None
        else Some "locale"
I'm not even sure it actually works, but at least someone knowledgeable can fix that. I suspect None to be resolved as $prefix/share/locale, which won't work under win32. My win32 proposal is also unsatisfying because this relative path requires that demexp be launched from its installation folder (win32 shortcuts do support that).

> I couldn't understand how to simply build the .mo files
4) Building .mo files
What's the proper target to generate them when only building the client?
In addition, an ocaml-gettext limitation requires that those files are filtered. perl is used; couldn't the lighter, installed by default, sed do the job?

That's so far what I can report.

Best regards,
Christophe GISQUET

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