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win32 and GTK (was: Re: [Demexp-dev] Depencies of ocaml-gettext and othe

From: David MENTRE
Subject: win32 and GTK (was: Re: [Demexp-dev] Depencies of ocaml-gettext and other problems)
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 13:55:14 +0200
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Hi Christophe,

GISQUET Christophe <address@hidden> writes:

> David MENTRE a écrit :
>> BTW, I can no longer make translation work on linux. (sigh)
> What do you mean? The .po editor you used is not working anymore?

No, a different issue: the translation are not used when I start the
client with my French locale. But maybe I forgot something, I haven't
tested that part of the code for months. :-/

> Basically, cygwin also provides its own dll, that relies on its POSIX
> emulation layer. The native GTK port (ie not using again cygwin Xorg
> port) certainly is not using this. A typical distinction is byte packing
> of structures, that adheres to the Microsoft Visual way of packing
> (gcc's -mms-bitfields flag under win32 platform).

Ok, thank you for the explanation.

> Sorry, I forgot that the mailing list used wasn't this one. It was a bug
> report sent to demexp-contact and was regarding the fact that there were
> missing dlls (.so shared libraries). I tend to remove people from the
> To:/Cc: fields when I believe they will get twice the mail. I hope you
> did receive that mail.

I saw your email afterwards. :-)

> In fact the technical part of the mail should be discussed on demexp-dev now.

In that private email, you proposed three way to get GTK for demexp
client on win32 platform:

 1/ User installs himself the GTK runtime;

 2/ Include the GTK installer within the demexp installer and call it
    from demexp installer;

 3/ demexp installer provides an option to download GTK installer.

As I said privately to you, I prefer option 2 (embedded GTK installer)
because (i) we rely on *standard* GTK installer and (ii) the user has
only one Setup.exe to dowload and the installer doesn't play with the
network. As you underlined it, it is a bit heavy but I don't think this
is much an issue in our broadband time.

The only remaining question is the behaviour of embedded GTK installer
when GTK is already installed on user machien (e.g. from a The Gimp

Best wishes,
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