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RE: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?

From: Wells, John - FS
Subject: RE: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 09:04:16 -0700

Hello Jose,
A while ago I announced that I had abandoned ddd and was using gps.  That is true, but only up to a point.  You and others asked me why I had done this and what it was about gps that I drew me to it.  I would like to be helpful to you and the other folks who use ddd and I would like to see/try the improved software.  So when there are improvements would you please let me know so that I can upgrade.
I have developed software for twenty-five years and in that time I have used a variety of development environments.  I have watched the development of most of the "modern" IDEs.  For me it has become important to not jump around between different tools too much.  I like a full featured environment that includes source control, cross referencing between modules, robust search features, and a full GUI interface.  One example of this is MS Visual Studio another is GPS.  There are several others. 
I would be happy to provide details about specific features if you wish. 
That said, I do use ddd.  I use it when I have core dumps because it works well for quickly identifying why a program crashed.  I remain convinced that gps can do this also, but I have not discovered yet how to do it. 
Cheers,  John
All will be well.  And all shall be well.  All manner of thing shall be well. -- Lady Julian of Norwich

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