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Re: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?

From: Burlen Loring
Subject: Re: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 12:10:33 -0400
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in my experience there is no gdb interface as useful as ddd. This despite the fact that it is written in motif, and often crashes a lot. I hope you go ahead with your plans.


Jose María Gómez Vergara wrote:
Hello all:
I have been taking a long time without receiving any email from ddd and ddd-bug distribution list. I have not received any feedback about DDD lastly.

In the savannah site for DDD there is not any bug reported, no questions, no tasks, although I know that exist a lot of them.

So, I am wondering if DDD worth it at this time. I mean, I would like to put effort to take DDD one step beyond if it makes sense, but if you think you have found a similar software like e.g kgdb or similar that have taken this position and DDD is a obsolete one, I would prefer dedicate more time to some more usuful projects.

        What do you think about this.?

        I am really interested in your opinion.

        Thanks a lot for your time.


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