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Re: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?

From: Jose María Gómez Vergara
Subject: Re: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 17:50:46 +0200
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Okey, this feedback is enough for me.
I will post news news as soon as possible, I would like other people joining 
me to make ddd better.
Everybody will be welcome. As all of know, making a good software is not only 
a group of developers, we need a lot of more, so please join me to make ddd a 
better application.

DDD need:
- Web developers
- QA Testers
- Developers
- People to trastale into other languages.
- And we need a lot of users to get their feedback. This is more important 
that people think.

I know, that at the beginning a talk about to migrate, or make another branch 
to put Qt over DDD, but to be honest I am reconsidering this because it is 
not going to give us nothing new. Perhaps I should better to improve what we 
have, perhaps using gtk+ or gtkmm wrapper. There is some work done with this 
for a person.

Let's go ahead. If you think you can help with this, please, dont hesitate in 
contact me.

On Wednesday 11 June 2008 17:34:45 Klaus Rudolph wrote:
> Hi,
> I like to continue with ddd. Not really knowing why, but it is a old
> good friend.
> All tools I tried before are less powerful and so not helpful for me.
> Maybe kgdb is grown enough, but I have not used that tool in the newer
> days.
> And the actual state of ddd is ok for me! There is no hard bug which
> makes my work impossible. OK, there are a lot of minor things and the
> gui is not state of the art, but I am developer and not designer :-)
> So please give ddd a chance, maybe with minor bugs fixed and actual
> features (are there some?) of gdb introduced.
> Regards
>   Klaus
> >     So, I am wondering if DDD worth it at this time. I mean, I would like to
> > put effort to take DDD one step beyond if it makes sense, but if you
> > think you have found a similar software like e.g kgdb or similar that
> > have taken this position and DDD is a obsolete one, I would prefer
> > dedicate more time to some more usuful projects.
> >
> >     What do you think about this.?
> >
> > /JmGV
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