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Re: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?

From: Robert Cussons
Subject: Re: Makes sense go with DDD ahead?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:21:29 +0200
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Jose María Gómez Vergara wrote:
> Hello all:
>       I have been taking a long time without receiving any email from ddd and 
> ddd-bug distribution list. I have not received any feedback about DDD lastly.
>       In the savannah site for DDD there is not any bug reported, no 
> questions, no 
> tasks,  although I know that exist a lot of them.
>       So, I am wondering if DDD worth it at this time. I mean, I would like 
> to put 
> effort to take DDD one step beyond if it makes sense, but if you think you 
> have found a similar software like e.g kgdb or similar that have taken this 
> position and DDD is a obsolete one, I would prefer dedicate more time to some 
> more usuful projects.
>       What do you think about this.?
>       I am really interested in your opinion.
>       Thanks a lot for your time.

Hi Jose and everyone else,

I regularly use ddd for debugging C code for scientific calculations and
I find it very, very useful. By far the most important feature request
for me would be a gtk frontend. As I deal a lot with matrices, it would
be nice if these were displayed in a list such that they cut off with
dots (to show the actual array continues) at the bottom of the present
display window size, then if you double clicked the bottom of the list
it would expand to the full list. Another thing that I would find very
helpful would be: if I have an array, each element of which points to
another array. If I click on an element in the top array, it would be
great if this opened the list below rather than just the first element
as it does at present, (I don't know if there is some conceptual reason
why this can't be done, such as it not knowing the size of the array,
but it is known at runtime, so I would have thought that would be Ok).

Apart from that, keep up the great work.

Many thanks,

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