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Re: Cannot commit to SVN (could under CVS though)

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: Cannot commit to SVN (could under CVS though)
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 06:54:26 -0500

Patch applied to trunk. (And tested too.)

But really that's just a small drop in the bucket of the recent
changes. Yes, a release is overdue. (It *is* after all a new year.)

Here is a list of the changes I have from the pydb branch that should
be merged to the trunk.

DDD News        


- Remove pydb in this directory. Use
  http://bashdb.sourceforge.net/pydb instead

- pydb improvements/fixes
  * "cont"inue button for pydb was broken. 
  * signal handling menu/support
  * disassembly window 

- ddd that bash and pydb now have "commands", and "display" debugger

-  LynxOS support via Olli Savia

- Add x86 theme for changing display expressions to x86 registers and
  flag-bits. Change Data/Memory examine behavior when used on Intel
  registers so that %reg is the same as $reg. 
  Contributed by Zarko Zivanov.

- Had broken gdb support

- Add vsllib/DEMOS into distribution

- Changes Makefiles to make "distcheck" or VPATH, or building outside
  of source tree work better (It's still not complete though).

- GNU Make, Python pydb and bashdb support improved: 

  * command completion for bashdb and pydb (via gdb "complete")

  * possibly a better test for debuggers using "bashdb" (vs. "bash") 
    and "remake" (vs. "make")
  * pydb and bashdb also now have built-in "cd" and "pwd" commands - use

  * deal with bogus file name <string> that comes up in
    tracebacks. Require a "run" to get pydb stack set correctly.

- Note 
- Minor bug fixes, mostly for Python support.

- Extended python debugger support. Sort of a merge of pdb.py, ddd's old
  pydb.py and new things.

Andrew Gaylard writes:
 > On 1/15/07, R. Bernstein <address@hidden> wrote:
 > >
 > > That did it! Thanks your patience in following this through.
 > Yippee!
 > One of the changes committed to the pydb branch is to remove that initial
 > > blank. This will then allow both kinds of output to match.
 > Nice.  Can you put the patch into the  trunk too?
 > Andrew.
 > PS: I'm thinking we're overdue for another release...

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