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Can commit to SVN (could under CVS though)

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Can commit to SVN (could under CVS though)
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 11:21:05 -0500

Subject: "Can commit" should be "Can NOT commit"
R. Bernstein writes:
 > I've recently fixed up support for pydb in ddd so that it shows
 > disassembly (if desired), and so that signal-display window now works.
 > This would be my first check-in since the CVS-SVN conversion. But I'm
 > having trouble commiting. In fact I'm having trouble even
 > understanding if I have permission. This
 >   http://sourceforge.net/project/admin/?group_id=7500
 > seems to be reduced from what shown in the old sourceforge
 > interface.  
 > And given that Peter Wainwright is not on the "admin" list above and
 > has committed code recently I have a feeling there's another list of
 > developers (rather than admins) around somewhere.
 > Thanks.

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