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[Bug-gnubg] Multi-threaded cubeful #Q0 bug

From: Jonathan Kinsey
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Multi-threaded cubeful #Q0 bug
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:31:26 +0000

I'm pretty sure this is a bug in the cache code that doesn't treat the cubeful
equities correctly. I'm in the midst of changing the cache code so can't check
in a fix at the moment. The fact that is seems to work on some machines is
probably a mixture of the default values being copied (0 vs rubbish) and the
amount of cache usage (number of threads).

I think the fix is to set the cubeful equity to zero when adding it to the cache
(or maybe copy it if this is calculated?). The fix might be just adding:
before the CacheAdd calls (or in the CacheAdd function). It looks like the 6th
value isn't set either (equity?) so this might need fixing as well?

Hopefully someone who builds from the source has got this problem and can easily
try this out.


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