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[Bug-gnubg] Suggestion list from IT bg forum

From: Massimiliano Maini
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Suggestion list from IT bg forum
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:44:12 +0100

So, many italian players (including at least 3 world class players and 1 BG giant,
all friends of mine) are answering to my request about gnubg missing features.
In random order (with my personal point of view):

1. Translation (well this one is not coming from the top notch players :) ).
I asked if anyone can volunteer, if nobody jumps in, I may have a look.

2. GnuBG playing with configurable human style.
Already known idea, I found it very interesting and a unique with respect to
other software (Snowie, BGBlitz). Quoting Chris Bray, typical profiles could be:
The Enigmatic Englishman, Barry Bigplay, Quentin Quickcube, The Tempestuous
Turk, Cautious Cuthbert. Love them all, but Temp Turk is just fantastic, I've seen
so many in live tournaments ! I'd like this feature very much. One additional plus
of this feature is that humans will see that gnubg playng with style Barry Bigplay
no longer has an error rate of 0.000 (which is psycologically frustrating for
soma users :) ).

3. Analysis returns all moves with -1.000 equity if after the opponent has a D/P.
We already have a workaround for this (select cubeless analysis and reanalyze
all the moves), but it's a bit cumbersome (have to remember to set it back to CF).
Idea: in the analysis results, instead of a sigle "Equity" column (CL/CF depending on
the setting), in case of CF analysis have 2 columns (CL and CF), then sort moves
first by decreasing CF equity, then (if identical CF equity), by decreasing CL Equity.
This will tell you which move is best even when after there's a D/P.
Personally, it's a nice to have: if it's easy to do let's do it.

4. End game feature.
Well, this is already implemented, good. If I'm not wrong, it plays 0-ply cubeless, right ?
Any chance to make that configurable ? Personally I don't think it is necessary.

5. Auto start analysis at match end.
Self explanatory. I'm against, not all our users want this. Better would be to have an
"end game dialog" that on top of showing the score also allows to start the match
analysis (for money sessions, maybe an end game dialog with buttons to start next game
or start analysis of previous games).

6. Auto-add analyzed match to relational dB.
Self explanatory again. Could be a checkbox in the "end match dialog".

7. Auto-rollout errors above a given threshold.
It seems Snowie has this feature: you analyze a match/session 2ply and you can require
that all your errors above a given threshold are rolled out. Surely very interesting.
Would be even more interesting to keep both analysis (the 2ply one and the rollout one),
so that we can collect cases where 2ply is wrong more easily. Again, this could be a
checkbox in the "end match dialog".

8. Auto export errors.
After a match/session ahs been analyzed, it is handy to have all the errors (above a given
threshold) exported to separate file (including the analysis). You can build a collection
of positions you misplayed and you can use it as a quiz database.
I think it is very useful and in the past I tried to do this via a python script: I was exporting
to text format (board + analysis). From time to time, I picked a few random files and used
them as quizes (the file names were like 20090128-gnubg-vs-max-match-cube-error or


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