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Re: excessive bounces

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: excessive bounces
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 23:43:20 -0600
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Jay West wrote:
> You should have sent this to the list owner/admin, not the list.

Yes.  But the list owner for the automake list is gnulists-ownrr at, which is to say, effectively nobody.  The list is really
running entirely on inertia.  For example there are over a hundred
messages in the hold queue awaiting attention of the list owner from
four months ago.

Lars Hecking wrote:
>  Most likely, the same thing happens to OP that happens to me: the lists
>  run at are crawling with spam, and a good number of them get
>  rejected somewhere between and OP's final destination. After a
>  certain number of rejections, $LIST_MEMBER's subscription is disabled
>  automatically.

I see that too.  Here are some things that can be done about it.

Whitelist in your access lists.  Never reject
mail to it.  If you want to block spam at the MTA level (always a good
thing) then discard messages instead of rejecting messages from  Generally for viruses I am discarding and for
spam I am rejecting with the exceptions being known mailing list
servers.  I recommend spamassassin deal with what comes through from
the mailing lists.

Alien999999999 wrote:
> This is very frustrating, I'm running linux, don't have any viruses,
> and I don't spam people, I hardly ever sent a mail to this list...

Your address is  That is most likely the
machine which is bouncing the messages.  As stated there is a huge
amount of spam from and if it is rejected then it looks like
your account is rejecting mail.  It is not usual for large mailing
list servers to get listed in the various RBLs. does use RBLs
and so that may also be a source of the problem.

You might be better off receiving mail directly on your server.  Then
you could whitelist which sends the spam, I mean
mailing list messages.

It is also possible that in the path between and your
final mailbox rejections are taking place.  Check your spam filtering
and ensure that you are not generating rejects to spam or viruses.  If
those rejections are getting back to the mailing list software on then it will appear as if your account is bouncing mailing
list message.

Hope that helps,

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