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Re: excessive bounces

From: Lars Hecking
Subject: Re: excessive bounces
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 09:22:12 +0100
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> More succinctly put, the list server is having trouble reliably reaching
> your machine. Most likely this isn't the list servers problem, it's yours
> due to either sporadic connectivity on your part, or somewhere between the
> list server and you, or sporadic DNS service on your part. If you have any
> issues after looking into this, contact me off-list and I'll try to help.
 Most likely, the same thing happens to OP that happens to me: the lists
 run at are crawling with spam, and a good number of them get
 rejected somewhere between and OP's final destination. After a
 certain number of rejections, $LIST_MEMBER's subscription is disabled

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