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Re: [Tlf-devel] back to TLF

From: Martin Kratoska
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] back to TLF
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 17:34:49 +0200
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I am not very good friend of hardware solutions (need to buy, ports became 
occupied etc.). cwdaemon 0.8beta1 runs here nearly without any problem 
with/without KDE (KDE 3.2.1, kernel 2.6.4 on Slackware 9.1). K1EL support is 
good idea for those who wants it but hopefully it would not stop the cwdaemon 

73 Martin, OK1RR

Dne st 7. dubna 2004 20:32 Wolf-Ruediger Juergens napsal(a):
> Hello OM's,
> After a break of a half of a year I'm back to TLF development.
> Currently I'm working on the support for WINKEY from K1EL.
> I bought this little Keyer and I must say I like it. Due to the open
> documentation, its a joy to implement the winkey functions in cwdaemon.
> I'm also planning a software for an Atmel micro to substitute the need
> of buying winkey. Project name "LinKey" ;-)
> Even I know that the last implemantation of cwdaemon with the cw lib
> will cure all (or most of all) timing problems, I like the idea to have
> a external keying device much better.
> In "Linkey" there will be also USB support, because the most new PC's
> and Laptop's dont have a serial port anymore. I will use FT232BM USB->
> serial IC (optionally standard serial conn. with MAX232 for the old
> PC's). Open source software for this IC is available on
> <>
> @Rein: When will we start with the KDE version of TLF?
> I remember that you have had at least a plan for that in the last year.
> 73 Wolf, DL2WRJ

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