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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Cwdaemon

From: Tomi Manninen
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Cwdaemon
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 12:54:37 +0300 (EEST)

John address@hidden kirjoitti:
It's really strange that my init.d and default/cwdaemon don't start it. Wonder what's going on?

As nobody seems to have addressesd this, I feel the urge to jump in although I 
have never used cwdaemon...

A script in /etc/init.d and/or a settings file in /etc/defaults doesn't cause 
the script to be actually ever run.

In traditional sysv init scripts, it's the symbolic links in /etc/rcN.d that 
actually make daemons be started. Ubuntu nowadays uses is't own Upstart in 
place of traditional Sysv Init but it has enough backwards compatibility that 
things still work.

The N in rcN.d refers to the current "runlevel". Again Ubuntu (Upstart) doesn't 
have runlevels but fakes them so that scripts work.

What I would do is first check that your init script works when invoked 

# sudo /etc/init.d/cwdaemon start

Then check what (faked) runlevel you are on:

# runlevel

It probably says "N 2" which means current (faked) runlevel is 2. Now check 
that you have a symbolic link in /etc/rc2.d. Something like this:

# ls -l /etc/rc2.d
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  11 Jan 1  1970 SNNcwdaemon -> ../init.d/cwdaemon

Here the letter S marks scripts that are *S*tarted when entering runlevel 2. 
The NN is a number that defines the execution order of the scripts. If the link 
is missing then you need to make it. I guess the standard way is to call 

# sudo update-rc.d cwdaemon defaults

If that doesn't do it, you can also make the link manually:

# cd /etc/rc2.d
# ln -s ../init.d/cwdaemon S99cwdaemon

You need to figure out the correct place to start it yourself but I guess 99 
should be pretty safe.

If you have the symlink in place already, then forget all about this email and 
continue to search the answer somewhere else... :)


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