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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Log contents fail to display

From: Ron Patterson
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Log contents fail to display
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:35:29 -0700
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Thanks for the reply. I will send you my June VHF contest log. It was produced by N1MM logger. I also have the same problem with my main log which was produced by Logic.


Ron W6FM

Joop Stakenborg wrote:
Op za 04-09-2004, om 07:01 schreef Ron Patterson:
I discovered xlog today. I built version 0.9.7 on fedora core 1 from the 
source rpm. What a nice program! This is the most fully featured logging 
program yet for linux. I exported my log of 7815 entries to an adif 
file. I opened it from xlog and all the contacts are there. I did get an 
error message during the import though. It is: ** (xlog:3071): WARNING 
**: Unable to convert 'JOS? MERCED (PEP' to UTF-8: Invalid byte sequence 
in conversion input.


Nothing to worry about. It means xlog can't convert the "accented e" to
a displayable character. Most probably because it is not available in
your language settings.

The problem I am having occurs when I save the imported log as log.xlog 
and exit the program. When I start xlog and open log.xlog, no data 
appears in the log window. If I cat log.xlog, all my data is there. I 
can load the adif file, add contacts and save the adif file with no 
problems. Xlog just doesn't display any of my log when I load the 
log.xlog file.


Interesting! Could I have a look at your adif file? Please send it as a
zipped file in a private mail and I will see what I can do.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry for the late reply, I have been away for 2 weeks.


Ron W6FM


Joop PG4I

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