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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/data/translations english.cfg

From: Guillaume Melquiond
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/data/translations english.cfg
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:16:10 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Guillaume Melquiond <address@hidden>    04/10/13 21:08:57

Modified files:
        data/translations: english.cfg 

Log message:
        Make all the one-word abilities translatable (that is, almost all the 


Index: wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg
diff -u wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg:1.163 
--- wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg:1.163 Thu Sep  2 22:25:06 2004
+++ wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg       Wed Oct 13 21:08:57 2004
@@ -92,36 +92,57 @@
 see_also= _ "See Also..."
 # Weapon special effect descriptions
 weapon_special_backstab_description= _ "Backstab:
 This attack deals double damage if a friendly unit is on the opposite side of 
the target."
+weapon_special_backstab= _ "backstab"
 weapon_special_charge_description= _ "Charge:
 This attack deals double damage to the target. It also causes this unit to 
take double damage from the target's counterattack."
+weapon_special_charge= _ "charge"
 weapon_special_drain_description= _ "Drain:
 This unit drains health from living units, healing itself for half the amount 
of damage it deals."
+weapon_special_drain= _ "drain"
 weapon_special_magical_description= _ "Magical:
 This attack always has a 70% chance to hit."
+weapon_special_magical= _ "magical"
 weapon_special_marksman_description= _ "Marksman:
 When used offensively, this attack always has at least a 60% chance to hit."
+weapon_special_marksman= _ "marksman"
 weapon_special_plague_description= _ "Plague:
 If this unit kills a living target and that unit was not stationed in a 
village, the dead target's corpse will rise up and fight for you."
+weapon_special_plague= _ "plague"
 weapon_special_poison_description= _ "Poison:
 This attack poisons the target. Poisoned units lose 8 HP every turn until they 
are cured or are reduced to 1 HP."
+weapon_special_poison= _ "poison"
 weapon_special_slow_description= _ "Slow:
 This attack slows the target. Slowed units move at half normal speed and 
receive one less attack than normal in combat for the duration of one turn."
+weapon_special_slow= _ "slow"
 weapon_special_stone_description= _ "Stone:
 This attack turns the target to stone. Units that have been turned to stone 
may not move or attack."
+weapon_special_stone= _ "stone"
 weapon_special_berserk_description= _ "Berserk:
 Whether used offensively or defensively, this attack presses the engagement 
until one of the combatants is slain."
+weapon_special_berserk= _ "berserk"
 weapon_special_firststrike_description= _ "First Strike:
 This unit always strikes first with this attack, even if they are defending."

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