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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/data/translations english.cfg

From: Guillaume Melquiond
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/data/translations english.cfg
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:44:42 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Guillaume Melquiond <address@hidden>    04/10/13 21:37:33

Modified files:
        data/translations: english.cfg 

Log message:
        Make ability names translatable in the help system.


Index: wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg
diff -u wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg:1.164 
--- wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg:1.164 Wed Oct 13 21:08:57 2004
+++ wesnoth/data/translations/english.cfg       Wed Oct 13 21:37:33 2004
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
 Day: -25% Damage
 Night: +25% Damage"
+# Ability descriptions
 heals_description= _ "Heals:
 Allows the unit to heal adjacent friendly units at the beginning of the turn.
@@ -20,6 +22,8 @@
 A healer may heal a total of 8 HP per turn, for all units it cares for.
 A poisoned unit cannot be cured of its poison by a healer, and must seek the 
care of a village or a unit that can cure."
+ability_heals= _ "heals"
 cures_description= _ "Cures:
 This unit combines herbal remedies with magic to heal units more quickly than 
is normally possible on the battlefield.
@@ -28,31 +32,47 @@
 A curer may heal a total of 18 HP per turn, for all units it cares for.
 A curer can cure a unit of poison, although that unit will receive no 
additional healing on the turn it is cured of the poison."
+ability_cures= _ "cures"
 teleport_description= _ "Teleport:
 This unit may teleport between any two friendly villages instantly."
+ability_teleport= _ "teleport"
 leadership_description= _ "Leadership:
 This unit can lead friendly units that are next to it, making them fight 
 Adjacent friendly units of lower level will do more damage in battle."
+ability_leadership= _ "leadership"
 ambush_description= _ "Ambush:
 This unit can hide in forest, and remain undetected by its enemies.
 Enemy units cannot see or attack this unit when it is in forest, except for 
any turn immediately after this unit has attacked, or if there are enemy units 
next to this unit."
+ability_ambush= _ "ambush"
 illuminates_description= _ "Illuminates:
 This unit illuminates the surrounding area, making lawful units fight better, 
and chaotic units fight worse.
 Any units adjacent to this unit will fight as if it were dusk when it is 
night, and as if it were day when it is dusk."
+ability_illuminates= _ "illuminates"
 skirmisher_description= _ "Skirmisher:
 This unit is skilled in moving past enemies quickly, and ignores all Enemy 
Zones of Control."
+ability_skirmisher= _ "skirmisher"
 loyal_description= _ "Never more than 1 upkeep"
+ability_loyal= _ "loyal"
 steadfast_description= _ "This unit takes half normal damage when it did not 
initiate the attack."
+ability_steadfast= _ "steadfast"
 minimum_damage= _ "minimum damage"
 game_menu= _ "Game"

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