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Re: [Savannah-users] Mailing list discarding random messages

From: Marin Rameša
Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] Mailing list discarding random messages
Date: Sat, 25 May 2013 13:55:04 +0200

On 25.05.2013 08:27:35, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Marin Rameša wrote:
> > I'm using a mailing list address@hidden for the group
> > www-hr. The problem is that the mailing list is discarding random
> > messages (I did not find a pattern explaining how this is done). I
> > removed the size limit and tried all sorts of configuration
> > combinations, but the group members still don't receive all of the
> > messages, and not all messages are archived, just some of them.
> There are a couple of posibilities.  First the mx receiving machine
> "eggs" has some anti-spam features.  (I am not sure exactly what.)  
> If
> the message is rejected there then it will not enter the Mailman
> system.

This could be the case, all of the subscribers use the mx machine. But 
on the other hand, my cvs commits all succeed in mail sent to www-
address@hidden, not a single mail gets discarded, and they all pass 
through mx and

> Second is a question.  Are the posters subscribed to the mailing 
> list?


> Or their address added to the whitelist?  Posters who are subscribed
> or have the address added to the whitelist will have no screening of
> any kind (other than that on the eggs incoming mx receiving machine).

So, it's probable that mx machine filters are too restrictive.

> You are listed as the owner for the www-hr-lista mailing list.  Are
> you receiving the moderator messages for those missing emails?  If 
> the
> answer is no then the messages never arrived at the mailing list.  If
> the answer is yes then the message arrived but was subsequently
> discarded.

I would have to perform further testing on this, since all moderator 
flags are cleared.

> If you tell me the message-id of a message that was discarded I can
> find it in the logs on and determine something about 
> the
> reason for the deletion, depending upon what is logged there.

The one that failed in delivery and it's not in the archive is:

The successful (just one of the many) is:

> Question: What is the significance of "lista" in the name?  We
> currently try to avoid lists that meet either of these two patterns
> since those are non-english lists and the anti-spam of listhelper
> isn't suitable.
>   www-..-(general|trans|discuss|internal)
>   www-..-..-(general|trans|discuss|internal)
> Is "lista" a pattern that should be added to that collection?  Or is
> that a single one-off name unique to that list?

So, "lista" is Croatian for "list" and www-hr is the name of the 
translation project - www-hr-lista is, I think, a logical name given to 
the list created for the translation purposes.

I would like to preserve the name, since it's written in the PO files 
my project produced.

It's a name unique to this list.
> I see www-hr-lista in the tracking log.  So at least until recently 
> it
> was connected to listhelper and that could have been misclassifying
> non-english messages.  So I assume it was connected to listhelper and
> that you have just removed it.  That is a good action.

Yes, I did. I will see what happens next. I did not receive a complaint 
since that change.

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