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RE: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build mynewproject

From: Peleg Michaeli
Subject: RE: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build mynewproject
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 23:15:44 -0000

Oh, my answer was to your personal address AND to the list. I'll avoid it in
the future.

Thanks for the links and the explanations, it was very helpful.
I am only sorry for the fact that it seems - now - that maybe Savannah, as
much as I appreciate it, won't be able to help me.

I'll give it a shot, but maybe I'll give up.

Moreover: it seems very complicated - using SVN (as a client and not as a
server) I have updated files on the server ("committed updates") using a
simple click with my mouse, on the specific folder that I wanted to update
(using TortoiseSVN software; that's software for windows, I guess...)

Anyway, just one more question: You said that I should "use CVS commands" -
how can I do it? Where - technically - can I type the commands?.. I feel
like I am missing something big, but I just can't figure out "where" is that
CVS that I should use (I have found only the browsing tools, and help files
that say what commands should I type, but didn't say where...)

Anyway, thanks also for the links.


Regarding your projects: sounds interesting, especially the first one.

Regarding hosting with CGI: I have found this Danish site:, and
it looks like they are ready to host projects with these requirements; I
have asked them if they can host me (and now I am waiting for a reply).

Too bad they are sponsored by some giants like HP, but they look MUCH nicer
than sourceforge
( - awful!).

You can also try there, if you want.

Good luck and thanks again,

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From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 7:42 PM
To: Peleg Michaeli
Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build

Am Tuesday, dem 08. Jan 2008 schrieb Peleg Michaeli:

> Well, fist of all: thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

Your answer was to my personal address, not to the list.
If this was in error, you may forward this to the list, if you want to.

> >> By the way, if you want to "upload" a homepage for the project, you
> to use CVS.
> I will use CVS then, I don't care...

I'm not sure if we talked past each other.
There are 2 separate repositories: one for the homepage and one for the
source code (most projects are not for the web, you know).
The homepage has to be uploaded with CVS.
The source code has a separate repository, for which you can use other
version control systems, if you wish.

> > How can I upload files to my project? (it is "empty" at the moment) 
> >> With "project" you mean the source code repository, right?
> >> The repository is empty, but it exists. So the first thing is to check
> out the (empty) repository, and then you can fill it with files.
> (At least with CVS)
> OK, I checked the root here:
> empty indeed. Now: how can I "fill it with files"?
> (When I said "project", I meant the source code repository, indeed)

No, with "check out" I meant the "checkout"-command of CVS. ;-)
(or the equivalent in arch, I just know CVS so far)


> > How can I access the "administration" of those systems? (is there a web
> administration at all?)
> >> What do you mean by that?
> >> When you are logged in you will see "Project Main Administration Page"
> in the links below the project description. Or simply under "Main" in
> the menu at the top.
> What I meant by "web administration" is whether I have a web interface to
> control CVS utilities: committing edits (like in SVN), merging, etc.

Well no.
You can watch the content with the web-tools, but you have to use the
cvs command to "commit" changes.  (I couldn't even imagine how you 
could do it with a web interface)

> > Where will I be able to see a running version (production) of the
> >> What do you mean by that?
> >> Does your project use some server side web technology (PHP, CGI?)
> >> You cannot "run" anything on the savannah servers.
> >> They offer webspace, but only for static content.
> >> You could only upload client side code (JavaScript, (Java...?)
> >> If you need server side execution, then you have to find another
> >> You can register the link to the other server under "Select Features".
> Well, this is the main thing that interesting me: I didn't know that I
> cannot execute scripts on Savannah's server... (My planned software is
> on PHP); well: I have my own "shared space" where I can run a production
> version for tests, etc, but because it is shared, I cannot install CVS/SVN
> on it, hence I asked for Savannah to host the project.


> Assume That I host a "running" version on my shared server and the CVS on
> Savannah's server - will I need to manually update my own server each time
> someone is committing an update? That seems unreasonable, and in
> PHP projects that I used to contribute to, it wasn't like that - I worked
> with SVN, I fixed a bug, committed it ("updated") and could see the effect
> immediately on the server (on
> Is that impossible in Savannah?

As far as I can tell, you can't.

By the way, I am not an administrator on Savannah, I'm just a normal 
user, like you. If you want, you can have a look at my projects:

> Are all free open-source hosting services (like Savannah, unlike
> SourceForge) working in the same way, or is it Savannah-specific
> (on executing PHP code)

I wished I knew where I could run my own CGI programs for free. ;-)


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