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[Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build my new project

From: Peleg Michaeli
Subject: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build my new project
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 15:25:08 -0000

Hello all Savannah users!

I have posted a support ticket, which is actually a subject that I better
discuss with Savannah users in general (and not only with the site

I am completely new with all of the versioning systems, so actually I have a
lot of questions.

If some of you can answer - at least few of those - it will be very helpful.
Thanks ahead.

Here is the post:


I just started a new project in Savannah; I feel a bit lost, because I just
can't find my way to a good start. 
Hopefully, some of you may direct me to the right places, at least in the

Well: I looked in many sites and read many reviews, and it seems like GNU
Arch is the best version-control system for me; but it also seems to be the
most difficult to learn. I have NO experience in ANY version-control system:
I just never used it (I have used SVN as a client - committing changes to a
remote server - but I never managed such a system). 

I read all of the FAQs and WIKIs that are here and on Arch site (and on Git
site as well), but I can't even answer these simple questions: 

* How can I upload files to my project? (it is "empty" at the moment) 
* How can I let others upload files? Should I create members, or are these
the same members of Savannah? 
* How can I access the "administration" of those systems? (is there a web
administration at all?) 
* How can I make it more centralized or less centralized? 
* Where will I be able to see a running version (production) of the project?
(to make online tests, to show to others, etc.) - or should I use my own
(shared) server for that? 

There are many more questions, but that will suffice for a start... 

I promise to write down everything I learn and publish it in one of the
Wikis, so other "newbies" will be able to follow it easily (I am good with

Thanks ahead, (and I welcome you to join my new project, as well... :-) ) - 

Peleg Michaeli, 

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