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RE: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build mynewproject

From: Peleg Michaeli
Subject: RE: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build mynewproject
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 18:29:41 -0000

Hehe... I didn't took your mail as offensive :-)

Anyway - if a first stone should be thrown, maybe it should be thrown at me
- I am in the middle of a change, though - in a month or two I'll have
UBUNTU on a new computer; for now I am using a computer which is not mine,
an old laptop with XP/MSOFFICE etc.

The software that I develop, anyway, is about to run on Apache servers (that
usually run on Linux) hence it is good for Savannah, I think.

Anyway, I think that my "view" on what is Free Software is not different
than yours; I'm just still young in this specific area (but as I said, I'm
into it).

So: I guess that in the meanwhile I will grab some "CVS for windows"

About "giant's sponsorship": I think that being sponsored by giants IS
against "freedom as in free speech", and Google is a good example: Google's
software is not "free as in free speech" (but the opposite...), but only
"free as in free beer".

So: just like you would feel strange to see Microsoft's banner on a page of
FSF, so I feel when I see Google's logo there (or Nokia or Intel). Yes, in
some aspects Google is a "nicer" giant, but in other aspects, it is much
more dangerous to FREEDOM, the exact freedom you were talking about.


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Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] Probably newbie's questions... Build

Am Tuesday, dem 08. Jan 2008 schrieb Peleg Michaeli:

> Oh, my answer was to your personal address AND to the list. I'll avoid it
> the future.

Oh, that was my fault. I should have seen it.

> Anyway, just one more question: You said that I should "use CVS commands"
> how can I do it? Where - technically - can I type the commands?.. I feel
> like I am missing something big, but I just can't figure out "where" is
> CVS that I should use (I have found only the browsing tools, and help
> that say what commands should I type, but didn't say where...)

First I thought you are pulling my leg...
But then I had a look at what mailer you are using:
Microsoft Office Outlook 11              8-O
Well, Savannah only hosts Free Software that runs on free operating systems.
So I really didn't expect someone using unfree operating systems here.  O:->

> Regarding hosting with CGI: I have found this Danish site:, and
> it looks like they are ready to host projects with these requirements; I
> have asked them if they can host me (and now I am waiting for a reply).
> Too bad they are sponsored by some giants like HP, but they look MUCH
> than sourceforge
> ( -

I have the impression, that you have a very strange view on what Free
is about. On the one hand you are concearned about using some unfree
(sourceforge) on the other hand your whole software environment (operating 
system) is unfree. Sorry, but it seems you are not the one who should throw 
the first stone at sourceforge. ;-)

And what is bad about being sponsored by some "giants"?
The Free Software Foundation is also sponsored by some large corporations,
including HP. See

Free Software is about freedom, not about money.

If you are looking for free system distributions:
There are of course many more, but these are those who are... pure.

P.S.: This mail was not meant to be offending.


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